Thursday, April 23, 2009

Perfect Time to Buy!

What a Perfect Time to Purchase a Home!

We want EVERYONE to know what a wonderful time it is to purchase a home. Not just because we're Realtors, but because this is an opportunity of a lifetime and we don't want anyone to miss it! There are several reasons why it's a great time to purchase right now:

  1. Declining Home Prices! There are unbelievable deals out there!
  2. Great Selection! Inventory levels are extremely high right now which means buyers have a lot to choose from!
  3. Low Interest Rates! Rates are at near-record lows!
  4. $8,000 Federal First Time Homebuyer Tax Rebate!
  5. $14,000 Georgia Neighborhood Stabilization Program Grant!
  6. Purchasing a Home is a Great Investment! Real estate is an investment just like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.

While you do have to be a first time home buyer (you qualify if you haven't owned a home in the past 3 years) to claim the $8,000 Federal Tax Credit, you don't have to be a first time home buyer to claim the $14,000 GA NSP Grant.

For more information on these two programs, check out the following links:

Georgia Neighborhood Stabilization Program:

Federal Housing Tax Credit:

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