Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Many See a Future in Real Estate!

"Many See a Future in Real Estate"......that's the title of the John Adams article in the Sunday "Homefinder" section of the AJC. In the article John describes a recent meeting he attended with members of the nonprofit Georgia Real Estate Investors Association. This group believes there's money to be made in real estate and they are taking advantage of the depressed prices in the Metro Atlanta Area. We think there's money in it too!

He states that most of the people in attendance were not real estate agents and brokers, or savvy investors, but rather "regular" people who work 9-5 jobs and invest in real estate in the evenings and on weekends...."there were doctors and lawyers, plumbers and painters." We at Stephens and Stephens believe that REAL ESTATE INVESTING IS FOR EVERYONE...well almost everyone.

The below is an excerpt from the article explaining one example of an investment tactic.

"Relatively new homes in nice starter neighborhoods can be had for as little as $40,000. After a total renovation costing perhaps $25,000, the house feels and looks new, and can be rented to a renter-purchaser who hopes to own the home by building good credit. The investor refinances based on the new appraised value, maybe around $100,000 and collects rent with a positive cash flow every month. In a year or two, the renter may buy the house, finalizing a profitable transaction for the investor and helping stabilize the neighborhood through renovation."

Gary Keller, who wrote The Millionaire Investor said it best when he said "Anyone can do it, but not everyone will."

We've worked dozens of investment deals. We can help you understand how investing may be a great money-maker for you. There's plenty of deals, great pricing, and an abundance of available real estate in the Clayton County, Henry County, Fayette County, and other Metro Atlanta areas. Please don't hesitate to call or email so we can make money for you!

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