Monday, August 9, 2010

Awesome Decorating Idea!

We're a big fan of blogs, especially really cool blogs (like ours!). I recently came across a really neat decorating idea on a blog that I thought would be very fitting for our clients - framed keys!

What do you do with all of your old keys from places that you've previously lived? The correct answer would be throw them away or give them to the new owner since you don't need them anymore... creeper. (If you've recently bought a home, we can't say it enough... change the locks, change the locks, change the locks!) But if you happen to stumble across some old keys, here's a quick and easy project that we think is just darling. All you need is a shadow box, keys, glue and a pen! Write the addresses of the places that you've previously lived under each key. How simple and cute is that?! If you don't have any of your old house keys, lets be honest, who would really know if it's the right key or not? Of course, it would be more sentimental if it was, but if not, use random keys that you don't need anymore.

For more awesome ideas and to see the blog that we found this on,  click here

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