Friday, May 20, 2011

Wells Fargo Short Sale -- Mission Complete!!!

We recently closed a Wells Fargo short sale in Fayetteville, GA! In this market, short sales make up a great deal of the inventory and we're not afraid of them (unless it's a Bank of America short sale, but that's another post for another day!). There's nothing more rewarding than helping good people out of a bad situation that they had no control over! There's no sense in just letting your house go into foreclosure without trying a short sale first! If you're behind on payments and face foreclosure, please call us! We've successfully closed multiple short sale transactions and would love to help you!

We're so passionate about short sales that we go above and beyond to help our clients out of their situation. In fact, our most recent short sale was initially denied by HUD and so therefore, Wells Fargo declined the short sale. Most agents would have stopped there -- what more could be done? Melissa and I were not happy with that answer so we started researching contacts at the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development and came across the name and number of a gentleman that is a "Housing Program Specialist" with HUD. We contacted him, explained the situation and the circumstances and he did his magic. Within a day we received an email that he had reversed the decision and had the file reopened at Wells Fargo. A couple of weeks later, we closed this transaction. What would have happened if we wouldn't have cared enough to be persistent and get this done? Our clients' home would have gone into foreclosure, their credit would be damaged more so than with the short sale, and they would have been devastated. Our clients even received a $1000 check for their participation in the short sale versus letting it go into foreclosure! See, it pays to take action!

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