Saturday, November 12, 2011

Real Estate in Numbers (3rd Qtr) - Henry County, Fayette County, Clayton County

Call us real estate geeks, but we love analyzing the numbers when it comes to real estate. Not only do we find it to be interesting and very telling, but it helps us stay current and informed as to what's going on in our local market. There's no way we could advise our clients if we didn't compile reports like this. Do most agents spend time doing their "homework"? Probably not. But we do! Take a peek at the info we've put together  -- it's pretty interesting!

A few things we want you to realize about the Clayton County, Henry County and Fayette County markets -

  • Prices have dropped approximately 9% in all three markets since this time last year.
  • Clayton County has seen a slight increase in the "average sales price" category when it comes to comparing 2nd quarter to 3rd quarter of this year. WHAT?!?! I know what you're thinking ... after months and months and months of watching the crazy drop in prices, I couldn't believe it either. In fact, I went back and ran the numbers again to make sure I wrote down the right statistic. Believe it folks! realize that the average sales price is still 8.60% lower than this time last year.
  • Henry County is hot when it comes to selling homes - 3rd Quarter 2010 there were 655 homes to sell and in 2011 that number came up to 833. There's always a catch though... the average price has dropped almost 10% since this time last year. Good for buyers, bad for sellers.
  • While Fayette County has experienced depreciation since 2010, they're certainly holding their own this year. Looks like the market may be stabilizing in Fayette (fingers crossed!) The average sales price has stayed pretty much the same throughout this year, no continued depreciation this year.
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