Friday, January 20, 2012

A Thank You from Our Clients Who Closed Today....

One of the most rewarding parts of our job is knowing that we truly helped someone. We closed this morning with a very sweet couple purchasing their first home. They initially found us on the internet while browsing homes and set up a meeting to view one. After meeting the first time, we hoped that they felt as comfortable with us as we did them, because we truly wanted to help them. They did! They called us back and we showed them a few more homes over the course of two weeks before they came across this sweet home in the Eagle's Landing area ---> 

They scooped this beautiful 4 bedroom/2 bath ranch up as a foreclosure with new carpet, fresh paint, new stove, new dishwasher, and a new roof at the wonderful price of $100,000. The seller even paid $3000 in closing costs for them! Their monthly payment (just shy of $800) is only $40 more a month than they were paying in rent and now they are paying for something that is truly theirs. This home sold for $169,997 in July of 2005!

With that said, we are glad to know that they were as happy with our service. Here is the thank you note we received from them today at closing.

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