Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How to Increase Curb Appeal!

The weather was absolutely beautiful here in Atlanta this weekend!! It was so beautiful that it made me want to do some "spring cleaning" projects outside so that I could soak up some sunshine! While my husband prepped our yard for spring landscaping, I took on a project that I never completed last summer .... I gave our front door and trim a facelift. It was in need of a good scrubbing and a fresh coat of paint! We always recommend that anyone looking to sell their home take on these simple projects to increase curb appeal before putting the home on the market. I'm not looking to sell my home anytime soon, but as I sang along with my iPod (my poor neighbors!!) and worked away, I realized what a suprisingly easy task this was and it made such a difference! Check out the following examples of before and after photos to see what a few hours can do in terms of increasing curb appeal which is oh, so important!!!!

Inspired? I hope so! Sprucing up the entry way can be a very easy and low cost job. Remember that buyers' form opinions about properties before they ever go inside. We've pulled up to some houses in which the buyers didn't even want to go inside of based on what they saw on the outside. Give buyers something to get excited about!!

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