Friday, January 7, 2011

An Honest Realtor

Realtors are often laughed at for the terms that they use to describe homes... you know, we sometimes, sugar coat some of the worst features. You've probably seen some of the following phrases before:

Adorable, Cozy, Cottage Like, Dollhouse --- look for a small house, probably less than 1200 sq.ft.

Lots of Potential, Needs TLC, Handyman Special --- look for a house that needs a ton of work

Beautiful View, Lake View, Water View, etc --- look for a house with a view.... if you lean over to a 45 degree angle, hold a mirror up, and squint you might just be able to see some water.

You get the point. So it's quite refreshing when you come across a Realtor who doesn't throw a little sugar in the mix. A straight shooter who wants you to know what you're walking into. Take this "cute" house for example:

It's a 2 bedroom/1 bath home in San Francisco with a whopping 875 square feet. Do we dare call this charming? I think not. So here's what the Realtor used to describe the home. Yes, folks, this was actually input into MLS system:

Needs everything, not just TLC... but everything! Not to be even concidered unless you are a contractor. Still want to see it? Be prepared to walk lightly because you may fall through the floor. Nice roof just a few years old,at least something is good on the thing.

Want to know the craziest part of all? This baby sold for $335,000 (was listed at $350,000). Wow, God bless those buying real estate in San Fran! Come on out to the East Coast and Melissa and I will show you what $300k can buy you here! :)

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