Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Our Expert on Fox Business!

Rebekah and I attend a meeting once a month with an elite group of Realtors and market advisors to keep abreast of the market, the changes, the expectations for the future, etc. We've always known the information is great. It's our way of staying on top of the market so that we can provide the best service and accurate information to our clients.

Well......Fox Business must have thought the information we receive is good too. Steve Harney is the ring leader of our group. We listen to him via webinar once a month and meet with him in person usually twice a year. He has his own website, http://www.keepingcurrentmatters.com/ and Fox Business just interviewed him.
Click on the link below to watch his segment on Fox Business. It's only 3.58 minutes long, but it says the things we are always telling you!  Now.....we consider ourselves your experts. We truly feel we know the market better than most agents, but if our word isn't good enough, listen to Steve!

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