Friday, June 3, 2011

Butts County, Clayton County, Coweta County, Fayette County, Henry County Real Estate Numbers!

What's going on in Southern Crescent of Metro Atlanta Real Estate!? I've compiled some information below to show where some of the cities in the local market stands in terms of inventory levels, absorption rates, and average sales price. Of course, the average sales price is nothing more than the average sales price -- it varies from subdivision to subdivision, area to area, etc, but this is just to provide an overall view of what's going on on the south side.

If you don't know what an absorption rate is, here's a quick definition from this blog post:

What's an absorption rate? Absorption rate is a term used in real estate regarding the current inventory level and is a calculation that shows how much time it will take for the current inventory to be "soaked up"/absorbed/sold. The calculation is based on the current trend and rate of sales.

Fayette County:
Brooks:  Ave. Sales Price: $186,822   Absorption Rate: 21.99 months   # Homes for Sale: 41
Fayetteville: Ave Sales Price: $200,168  Absorption Rate: 17.2 months   #Homes for Sale: 1002
Peachtree Cty: Ave Sales Price: $268,269 Absorption Rate: 15.8 months  #Homes for Sale: 508
Tyrone: Ave Sales Price: $233,279   Absorption Rate: 17.24 months   # Homes for Sale: 135

Henry County:
Hampton:  Ave Sales Price: $130,299   Absorption Rate: 11.47 months   # Homes for Sale: 280
Locust Grove: Ave Sales Price: $119,825 Absorption Rate: 12.95 months  #Homes for Sale: 325
McDonough: Ave Sales Price: $130,438 Absorption Rate: 11.98 months  #Homes for Sale: 1139
Stockbridge: Ave Sales Price: $96,317   Absorption Rate: 9.73 months   # Homes for Sale: 498

Coweta County:
Newnan:  Ave Sales Price: $137,329  Absorption Rate: 16.38 months   # Homes for Sale: 1507
Palmetto:  Ave Sales Price: $71,849   Absorption Rate: 16.39 months  # Homes for Sale: 153
Senoia: Ave Sales Price: $154,527  Absorption Rate: 14.44 months   # Homes for Sale: 278
Sharpsburg: Ave Sales Price: $210,051  Absorption Rate: 12.36 months  # Homes for Sale: 270

Clayton County:
Forest Park:  Ave Sales Price: $30,526   Absorption Rate: 7.22 months   # Homes for Sale: 192
Jonesboro:  Ave Sales Price: $61,169   Absorption Rate: 7.93 months   # Homes for Sale: 700
Morrow: Ave Sales Price: $51,478   Absorption Rate: 6.8 months   # Homes for Sale: 136
Rex: Ave Sales Price: $47,751   Absorption Rate: 7.29 months    # Homes for Sale: 180

Butts County:
Jackson:  Ave. Sales Price: $84,522   Absorption Rate: 20.73 months  # Homes for Sale: 387

I haven't included every city in the Southern Crescent of Metro Atlanta, obviously. If you would like detailed information for your city or if you would like for us to compile a report for a particular subdivision, please let us know! Real estate is our job and it's what we love!
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