Monday, June 13, 2011

Guitar Shaped House in Fayetteville, GA

I browse new listings in the MLS system on a daily basis in search of my clients' dream homes. Today I came across a new listing that really caught my eye but doesn't really fit any of my clients' idea of "the perfect house"... a guitar shaped house in Fayetteville, GA. Don't believe me? Check it out...

This house was built by the country western singer/songwriter, Elvis Carden. One website states that it took 16 years to complete and was the inspiration for his album "Living in an Old Guitar." (Literally?) The current owner inherited the property and has it listed with an asking price of $160,000 with a note that it needs complete rehab. If you do a quick Google search for Guitar House Fayetteville, GA, you will find that this home has been featured on many websites.

Ground View (old photo):

Google Map View:

If cookie cutter homes aren't your style, you may be interested in this one! One thing's for sure, not many people can say that they live in a guitar house!!

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